Usually I’m busy, and usually it’s something useless. This makes me so unhappy and unproud when I remember it later, lying in bed, disabled – with sunk in wrinkles due to age complications. Before this happens, I wanted to invest this uselessness and emptiness into something that I, at least, think is worth being freed from the over-populated dark prison inside my head. But I didn’t find any place that can host any of my ideas the way they are (or so I made myself believe, to give myself the impression that my stuff is unique) and here comes the role of Mafeesh* Space to host everything my mind projects into reality, in a form that your senses can perceive, mostly though it will be audio, visual or audio-visual work.

*Mafeesh: Egyptian Arabic word means ‘no’ in the presented context.

What am I doing here?

Eventually, I’m not sure I know myself, and I have no guarantees of how this ends, but since you’re here, you can pick up something to check. If you’re some boring lifeless internet surfer/blogger/both, who wants to read more about another boring lifeless internetsurfer/blogger/both, please continue; otherwise do yourself a favour and go to home tab and have something, I promise, nicer to check.


I was born in Egypt – Alexandria. I had a very quite childhood. To calm me down, Mum used to put on scientific documentary films for me instead of, what I considered, irrational illogical silly cartoons which defy the laws the cartoon itself created, even in its own imaginary world. Which maybe is the reason why, despite being hyper-active, my childhood was quite, because I didn’t have a lot of friends to share my thoughts freely with. It may have also affected me greatly to grow into a social-retard Geek. Yet, judging me by first impressions is more wrong-er than almost anyone else, because you’re gonna either see my super hyperactive mode, or my super quite sane mode. And each of course comes along with a full different package. I need you to mark these words if we hadn’t met yet, because I hear a lot the sentence “At first I thought you are….”.

*Strikes-out the whole paragraph*…..That was all wrong!! It only suffices, if I want to scare you away. Let’s start all over. This time, I’ll start first by bragging about good things about me: I’m a fast learner, and a good analyst, which is the reason why I can excel at more than one field. I always like to get involved in new stuff which made me develop a liking and interest to almost anything and be amazed by almost everything. I like to apply my thoughts quickly, so my mind always has a new idea about something new to do related to my newest obsession, newest interest or whatever occupies space in my concious mind. This wide range of mixed interests and experiences have allowed me to generate ideas which some people may consider creative.

My general info covers almost all aspects of human life, but at the same time almost equal to zero in each aspect apart haha!

I always believed and still do that there’s a way, and it’s the reason why I sometimes don’t give up at all, and other times I don’t even try.

I believe deeply in Reductionism, and even before I knew about the concept I was adopting it, so to me it’s common sense, and it influences me till now.

And that is enough for appetizers and desserts, for the main dish to know more, it’s better to check my posts :)


One response to “Trolls-about

  • Anonymous

    Trolls-about II: The Sequel

    I know the guy this page is talking about.
    I may add some stuff that may describe him from just one of so many views that I have seen this guy from.

    For starters, I don’t know him for so long, however I guess for the first couple of times I saw him.. I knew quite enough to give my opinion.
    I see people -most of the time- as a shell holding something inside that can be anything. What that shell is holding inside could be precious or important to someone and means nothing to others. Some shells hold nice scents, others hold jewels and many different descriptive things that could be of meaning to me and not to others.
    What I found this guy’s shell was something different… or let me say very unique.
    At the beginning I really wondered if I should pay attention to it or not… but over the time I began to understand that I need to look at it from many different angles… and I eventually found it very precious to the degree that you can’t compare it to others’.

    That’s how I see it… and if you didn’t see the way I do, probably you’re missing out on a lot..
    Look again, with different eyes this time… Precious things are hard to find, you need to work harder to notice and get it

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